Northeast Farm Access is saving farmland through community engagement, funding and affordable housing.

I recently visited with Bob Bernstein, founder of Northeast Farm Access (NEFA) at the Chester Agricultural Center. Chester is highlighted on Barnraiser as "Chester Feeds NY" and is part of the Food + Enterprise group of (successful) New York based projects.  

NEFA is an innovative approach to keeping farmland in farming, while matching farmers with long-term leases that include an option to buy. Investors who are interested in making a uniquely direct impact on our food system can support NEFA by helping to purchase land or related infrastructure for experienced farmers that require land access in order to grow their agricultural businesses. The NEFA approach also involves purchasing land that include housing and key on farm infrastructure, such as packing and greenhouses. 

This YouTube video provides a short overview of the program, including some comments from an investor and participating farmers. 

Congratulations to Chester Agricultural Center on their successful Barnraiser campaign. NEFA supports a a number of projects. To learn more, reach out directly to Northeast Farm Access. 

By Margaret Gifford, Watervine Impact

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